4T Virtual Conference Planning Committee

Liz Keren-Kolb, Ph.D.
Lecturer & Research Associate
School of Education
University of Michigan

Kristin Fontichiaro
Clinical Assistant Professor
School of Information
University of Michigan

Florencia Gomez Zaccarelli
Doctoral Student
Learning Technologies in Teacher Education
School of Education
University of Michigan

Teresa McMahon, Ph.D.
Clinical Assistant Professor of Educational Practice
School of Education
University of Michigan

Ron Miller
Multimedia Services Position Lead
School of Education
University of Michigan

Laura Roop
Director of Outreach
School of Education
University of Michigan

Jeff Stanzler, Ph.D.
Director, Interactive Communications & Simulations
Faculty, Educational Studies/Secondary MAC Program
School of Education
University of Michigan

Kevin Upton
Teacher, Computer Technology
Milan Middle School
Milan Area Schools

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    • I do not think Elluminate works on the iPad (yet) but you are welcome to try the practice link on your iPad in the Elluminate Training Tab.

  1. Will I be able to access the videos of the conference after the day it has aired?

    • Yes, you can access the recordings, ONLY if you register. They will be password protected, so you need to register to get the password.

  2. Is there a way to tell how many SB-CEU’s each session is worth? Do I need to do anything to be eligible to earn SB-CEU’s?

    • Hi Cara
      Each session is worth .1 CEUs (1 hour = .1 CEU). There are two workshops that are 2 hours, thus those are worth .2 CEUs. You need to attend a minimum of 5 sessions (5 hours) to earn the minimum .5. You can attend up to 20 hours of sessions to earn 2.0 CEUs. You must attend LIVE (watching a recording of a session does not count). Make sure you login with your first and last name when you attend. You do not need anything to be eligible, but you need to complete the Michigan Online Form (see Continuing Education Credits Page—the link is on there) and when you finish the 4T Conference complete the online form on the same page. Anyone may apply.

  3. hi, I am from India and want to attend the coming conference. but don’t understand the SB-CEU’s. Can I apply for it or is it for Michigan university students?

    • The SB-CEUs stand for State Based Continuing Education Credits. While anyone (from anywhere in the world) may apply, they are only relevant and useful for school teachers in the United States.

  4. Hello. I enjoyed the conference last year and missed the cut off time to register. Is it possible for me to still be allowed to register?

    • Paula
      I am so sorry, we had to cut off registration for this year, please come back and join us next year. I remember you being part of the conference last year.

  5. I cannot attend any sessions today (Tuesday), so I’d like to submit my SB-CEU form. The instructions say to download it, but the form can’t be typed on. Are we supposed to print it, fill it out, and then scan it back in? Also, who are the “Activity Organizer,” “SB-CEU Sponsor,” and “SB-CEU Coordinator?”

    I really enjoyed all of the sessions over the past three days!

  6. Is there a way to view the webinars with the online schools (today starting at 4pm) without registering? The registration has been cut off so I can’t register. I’m interested in learning more about these schools but I didn’t realize I had to register to attend their informational webinars. :-(

  7. I am so sorry, we had to cut off registration for this year…please bookmark our site for next May.