1)  Is the conference really 100% free?

Answer: YES!

2)  Can anyone apply for the CEUs?

Answer:  YES!  But you do need to complete the online form for the State of Michigan (link on Continuing Education Credits Page).

3)  How many sessions do I need to attend for the minimum .5 CEUs?

Answer:  5 sessions.  Each 1 hour session is worth .1 CEUs, thus you need to attend at least 5 sessions.  You can earn up to 2.0 CEUs (a total of 20 1 hour sessions).

4)  Where can I find the links to the live sessions?

Answer:  Once you register, you will receive an email 24 hours before the conference start date (May 19th) with all the links to the virtual sessions as well as a schedule reminder.  In addition there will be a password protected schedule page on the website (you will receive the password in an email as well), that you can log into and find all the links to the sessions as well as session recordings.

5)  Do you have a certificate or some form to show attendance or participation

Answer:  Unfortunately we do not at the time.  We do not have the personal to track each individual and send out certificates.