Flex Tech Application

Flex Tech

About Flex Tech:  At FlexTech High School, we have the goal of preparing each student for success outside of high school, in career, life and higher education. We recognize that each student learns differently and has different needs and we work with each student individually to create an educational program that meets their unique needs through a variety of different and authentic learning experiences.

Unique Qualities of FlexTech High School

  • Small Class Sizes (no more than 20)
  • Individualized program
  • One-on-one Advisory program
  • Online learning experiences
  • Project Based Learning
  • Opportunities to earn credit through work or community resource experiences
  • Flexible Scheduling, Including Part-Time and Dual Enrollment Opportunities
  • Self-paced with Individualized Instruction and Assessment
  • Mastery Demonstration to Test Out of Classes and Receive Credit
  • Accelerated Learning and Credit Recovery
  • New, state of the art facility
  • Technology integrated throughout the curriculum
  • 27″iMacs, 20″iMacs, Google ChromeBooks, iPads, MacBook Pro’s, SmartBoard, Digital Cameras, Video Cameras

Desired Job Fair Certification Areas: Math, Physics, Integrated Science, English, Social Studies  (preferably dual certified)

Webinar Time and Interviews:  May 22nd at 4:00pm EST

Interested Candidates in Flex Tech Submit Resume Below (please be prepared to possibly interview immediately after the webinar)

Submissions CLOSED on MAY 14th.  You are still welcome to attend the webinar session.