American School of Santa Domingo

The Americana School of Santa Domingo

About The Americana School of Santa Domingo:  In essence, the philosophy of the American School of Santo Domingo is that success is a collaborative effort. We are committed to providing our students with a standard based U.S. type curriculum and the necessary facilities, materials, equipment and supplies to support the school’s program. Instruction is delivered in English by qualified, professionally trained staff. As a relatively small school with a family style atmosphere, we foster an environment that is conducive to open communication and interaction among administrators, teachers, parents and students. This collaboration is essential for both social and academic success through enriched learning experiences, educational excellence and adherence to discipline guidelines.

Our administrators, teachers, students, and their families come from all over the world, a diversity that greatly enriches our learning environment by exposing students to different cultures, traditions, languages, and ways of thinking. We emphasize respect, worth, and dignity of all peoples and of each individual, encouraging students to develop a social conscience within the framework of well structured academic and disciplinary programs. We constantly re-evaluate student needs and the curriculum, making adjustments as needed to provide students with a solid foundation in math and the physical sciences, computer science, social studies, and especially in English language and literature, as well as introducing them to an appreciation of art, music, and foreign languages, and a lifelong enjoyment of physical exercise and sports.

Through the integration of school, home, and the wider community, The American School provides an environment that is essential to good learning and good citizenship. We are all “family,” working together to ensure that each student at all levels is academically challenged, in a secure and supportive academic environment. Our aim is to foster an atmosphere of educational excellence and social growth in order for students to succeed in an ever increasingly competitive interconnected world.

Desired Job Fair Certification Areas:  Candidates in Guidance Counseling, Secondary Social Studies, Secondary Science (all areas), and possibly Elementary.

Webinar Time and Interviews:  May 22nd at 6:00pm EST

Interested Candidates in American School of Santa Domingo Submit Resume Below (candidates should be prepared to possibly interview immediately following the May 22nd 6:00pm webinar)

Submissions CLOSED on MAY 14th.  You are still welcome to attend the webinar session.